A Guide to Navigating Projects and Relationships

Organizations are constantly embarking on new projects. In order to help execute these projects effectively, supporting teams must meet the customer where they are.

  1. Knowing your audience and understanding their needs, goals, challenges, and preferences will be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project.
  2. Prioritizing the customer, whether the mission user or external client, and forming relationships rooted in trust and mutual understanding can effectively transform the IT environment. Strategy execution takes into consideration project outcomes, timeline, budget, acquisition cycles and particularly the customer experience (CX). Proper utilization of this knowledge will not only support a broader understanding and appreciation of the changes, but will also create relationships that are rooted in trust and able to deliver a collective view of success.
  3. These fostered relationships coupled with an understanding of the culture change and collective focus of success will build a practice of faster adoption.
  4. Strategy execution encompasses the CX and taking seemingly unattainable goals and combining them with the appropriate language, timeframes, and steps to achieve them.

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