Strategic Consulting

MorphWorks provides Strategic Consulting services to C-level executives. Our plan of action embraces the collaboration between multiple internal business owners, facilitates the required strategic planning, prioritizing, and execution activities, and conveys findings to the executives and other client teams.

By aligning technology, process, requirements, expert analysis, and recommendations, MorphWorks is able to achieve required business needs.

Expert Planning for Your Future

Strategy Development

After thorough analysis, MorphWorks creates and documents strategies and recommendations encompassing the entire customer enterprise organization to unlock efficiencies and effective outcomes.

Program & Project Management

MorphWorks supports organizations’ major initiatives by collaborating across all organizational components on project plans and schedules, operational status reporting, and executive dashboards related to the acquisition, implementation, and adoption of new software and hardware.

Automation & Analytics

MorphWorks identifies and implements efficiency improvements around the client’s business through automation of processes, workflows, and communication channels. Data analytics are used to develop dashboards, tools, scripts, and macros to eliminate manual tasks and provide timely decision support to senior client leadership.

IT Modernization

MorphWorks believes that organizations must have a commitment to continuous improvement and learning and an understanding of the constant state of change that impacts their IT environment.

MorphWorks functions based on an enterprise view that focuses on advocacy while iteratively improving policies, technical guidance, and business requirements.

We support organizations’ modernization journeys through various functions, including Cloud Migration, Infrastructure Optimization, Application Rationalization, and Technology

Supporting Your Enterprise IT Evolution

Future State Planning

MorphWorks creates successful modernization plans that consider the current environment of the entire enterprise and demonstrate a clear understanding of your desired transformation outcomes. We include all stakeholders and identify the correct sequencing of actions, leading to improved overall organizational execution and successful project outcomes.

Consolidation & Optimization

MorphWorks strategically identifies the business applications across an organization to determine which should be kept, replaced, retired, or consolidated. We support clients’ cloud migrations, ensuring they fully understand what to move, how to move, where to move, and the costs associated with a migration to IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS.

Technology Adoption

MorphWorks recognizes that the inclusion of all stakeholders and their emotional buy-in is necessary to create positive changes and ensure ongoing utilization and management of technology investments. We help configure the tools, develop the documentation, and train teams to fully exploit the toolset and maximize effectiveness for its intended use.

Risk Management

MorphWorks believes that proper risk management is a necessary component of all organizational transformation activities. We provide a continuous focus on the cybersecurity lifecycle and align policies and processes to the people that engage with the technology in order to deliver the organizational mission.

MorphWorks understands an organization’s need to balance actionable risk management with business mission and offers the subject matter expertise needed to deliver an enterprise vision of your security posture.

We support the C-Level vision required to create a risk management culture that helps reduce the stresses that impact an organization.

Empowering Your Organization to Proactively Address Risk

Strengthen Security Posture

MorphWorks helps fortify client environments by developing an approach to cyber hygiene that encompasses both assessment and compliance oversight, all while monitoring the vulnerability of the enterprise. We can provide enterprise planning for the introduction of security offerings to eliminate or decrease risk to the user’s enterprise, both in its current state and in the future.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services

MorphWorks guides clients to implement the correct policies, processes, and technologies to achieve, track, and maintain organizational compliance, providing a path for people to follow and creating a framework for organizations to use regarding Risk Management. We collaborate to create a governance structure that supports the automation and workflow of security data, as well as providing visibility of corporate assets.