Modernize with Sustainability on the Agenda

Sep 27, 2022

Updated: Apr 17

In nearly every home, there is a drawer, cabinet, or box devoted to old and broken electronics and cables. With these piles slowly building up, so do questions about electronic waste and disposal. Therefore, within the past couple of years, the technology community has been facing a pressing new problem: electronic waste (e-waste).

Although consumers are slowing down purchases of physical technological hardware and assets, software acquisitions still have a relationship with e-waste disposal. More specifically, the widespread adoption of the cloud largely affects levels of e-waste within industries. As organizations adopt and integrate the cloud into their daily operations, there is less need for technological hardware to be purchased, repaired, or replaced, but leveraging the cloud also has the potential to wear down hardware faster than previous industry standards. The challenge is to create a future of cloud integrations and technology disposal that limits e-waste and promotes sustainability.

Governments and industries face an additional problem as they look at their modernization journeys: how do they include sustainability in a manner that preserves both the environment, technology enhancements and security?

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