Seeking to Learn

Aug 17, 2022

Updated: Apr 17

Even during the most successful projects, team members are bound to face challenges. Some of these roadblocks are extreme, like roadwork on a highway that forces you to find another route. But, others are simply speed bumps, signaling to slow down. Either way, no matter how big or intimidating these challenges may appear, there is almost always a way around them. In these moments, consider one simple conflict resolution strategy: asking your peers for help.

In almost any workplace challenge, the complications are not unique; it is nearly guaranteed that a coworker has encountered the same issue. Collaborating with your peers will benefit both parties. If they haven’t encountered the same issue, your ability to resolve the problem has increased. If they have dealt with a similar issue the learning is mutual: one person learns something new, the other the opportunity to advise and teach. Together, colleagues can problem solve, motivate one another, and grow and develop as a unit.

Team members on different projects can work with peers to answer questions, ultimately evolving an organization through newfound relationships rooted in trust. In times of challenge and uncertainty, trust and reliance on the people around you could be the leading cause of perseverance.

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