Stakeholder Engagement in Technology Projects

Apr 17, 2023

Oftentimes, technology implementation projects reach a point in the execution process where the focus is lost. While working towards a result, an influx of project initiatives and client requests can change the original goal. Or, differing priorities and clients requiring individual attention may cause the team to lose cohesion and balance. So, despite a common purpose or intention, not all clients will use a product the same way.

When in this situation, stakeholder engagement and collaboration can be the solution. Stakeholder engagement incorporates each participating party’s values, needs, and practices. By adding increased knowledge and communication across clients, stakeholder engagement can efficiently and successfully examine and identify the needs of each group.

Working with stakeholders to implement projects and increase communication can solve problems and improve efficiency. Everyone in the organization has a way they leverage the technology, and if an organization is implementing something new, increasing communication to foster adoption is critical.

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